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Investment & Partnering

ARAIM is a privately held clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing treatments for Neurology and Diabetes related disorders through a proprietary novel platform technology. ARAIMs lead asset, Cibinetide, is in Phase 2 to delay disease progression and manage pain associated with Diabetic Neuropathy and Neuropathy associated with Sarcoidosis.

ARAIM has benefitted from collaborating with leading academic researchers from renowned research institutions in developing the scientific foundations for our platform.  As we progress towards the patient, we are actively seeking collaboration from academic researchers, biopharmaceutical companies, and investors

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Araim Scientific Platform has been investigated in collaboration with an extensive network of leading global academic research scientists

Sarcoidosis Daniel Culver Cleveland Clinic
Diabetic Neuropathy Robert Schmidt Washington University School of Medicine
Diabetic Retinopathy Alan Stitt Queen’s University, Belfast
Neuropathy Rayaz Malik Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
Pain & Neuropathy Albert Dahan Leiden University Medical Center
Diabetes Claes-Göran Östenson Karolinska Institute
Pain Biomarkers Torsten Gordh Uppsala University
Heart Disease Masanobu Kawakami Jichi Medical University
Aging Edward Lakatta National Institute on Aging
Kidney Injury Christoph Theimermann William Harvey Research Institute
Burn Injury Martin Yarmush Harvard Medical School
Alzheimer’s Disease Michael Bacher University of Marburg
Islet Transplantation Torbjörn Lundgren Karolinska Institute
Traumatic Brain Injury Claudia Robertson Baylor College of Medicine
Epilepsy Nihal de Lanerolle Yale University School of Medicine
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Gunther Weiss Medical University of Innsbruck

Extensive research has resulted in >70 peer-reviewed scientific publications.